Pumpkin has upgraded our android autoradio gps audi to Android 5.1 audi dvd player.Serveral months later after the release,people appear to be fond of android 5.1 OS.Customers also send us some feedbacks on these android 5.1 audi gps dvd.Now let's check out the android 5.1 gps navigation for audi A4.

Installed in 2004 Audi A4 Convertible:

What our customer say:

Perfect fit for my vehicle, it looks very smart and deals with everything I throw at it. I'm running normally;

- Dailyroads in the background for dashcam recording
- Waze for navigation
- Either FM, DAB or Apple Music (App) for the tunes

All work very well integrated, the CAN connector made the steering wheel controls available instantly. A few pointers to be aware off;
- This is not as plug-and-play to use as the Audi RNS-E system is. It takes longer to start up, and you do need your Android to tweak it to best performance and to work for you.
- The cabling included could do with better documentation. The volume for my rear speakers is too low, but then I move cables around and it kicks in. You must not be afraid to try and figure it out as documentation is not great.
- The screen resolution isn't the highest, however it it very good. Yet with applications like Waze and Apple Music and even the replacement DAB app you have to simulate a higher resolution for it to work well and get the user interface look good. Once you do that it is stunning and the screen is brilliant.
- The included DAB app is rubbish, it really is terrible. You want to download and install another version and you'll get a much better experience. Still room for improvement but useable.

All in all I'm very pleased and it is a keeper. But to make the best of it, you've got to tweak it. Like a true Android device ;)

--by J.de.Jong

Just had this fitted to my Audi A4 B7, fits perfectly in the dash looks great and does everything as described. Really brought interior up to date especially hand's free phone. Great product especially at this price, genuine Audi equivalent would cost £1000+.

--by Leslie P

I am pleased with this purchase. I had it professionally installed in my Audi A4 - everything works fine.. It comes up with the audi logo when you turn it on so it looks like a factory-install.

--by Michael P

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