Pumpkin 7 inch Android 5.1 Lollipop Car Radio Stereo for Opel Vauxhall

Arrived earlier than expected works great in my 2008 Opel Corsa easy to fit comes with all you need. No maps is the only draw back add DAB and your set to go I also added a revers camera from one I had and it looks and works great now im the envy of my friends. great when parked up I can watch DVDs off my flash drive.

-- by David Nolan

It is amazing what this Pumpkin car radio can do for the price and so far (2 months in) no major issues. At first I thought it was draining the car battery but it turned out to be a faulty car battery that was probably pushed over the edge by the extra power requirements of this device. A new battery sorted the issue and would probably have needed replacing soon anyway. I haven't managed to set the time correctly but I am now within an hour so am happy with that! The wi-fi receiver is a bit weak and I struggle to get a signal from our house but not really the device's fault. All other features are great - bluetooth links up seamlessly with phones, and sound quality is pretty good.

--by Mike

I have had this unit for over 2 weeks now installed in a 2011 Corsa. It was very easy to fit even though the wiring looks daunting at first. I am using the IGo Navigation app and it seems to work fine with the unit. Tried a few other navigation apps (HERE, CoPilot etc) but found they didn't quite work right. If I was to have a complaint about this product it would be that it doesn't work with my Ipod properly. When the wire is pushed in firmly I can't get any music at all but if the wire is loosely connected to the Ipod music is played fine. Does seem to be a problem alot of people have had as I have Googled it. Other than that Sat Nav, Bluetooth and other features work good. I don't have a reverse cam attached.

--by Alan Pilkington