I bought this android head unit to replace the stock factory unit in my 2006 Chevy Colorado. The unit fits nicely in my double din slot. I did run into some trouble with the install realizing that I didn't have an ignition, or dimmer wire on my radio harness. No biggie I had some nice little switches left from a previous product that I used. I find that I like the ability to turn the radio on prior to starting the car because it does take about 30 seconds for it to start. I also had to buy an antenna adapter Metra 40-GM10 GM Antenna Adapter This has every thing to do with my truck nothing to do with the unit and did not affect the number of stars for the rating.

To install this pumpkin car dvd I also bought Metra Electronics 95-2001 Double DIN Installation Dash Kit for Select 1990-Up GM Vehicles Neither the radio or the installation kit came with bolts for mounting the plastic frame. I believe these bolts should have been included with the radio and this minor annoyance did influence the rating.

The actual unit is pretty amazing. Everything works how I thought it would, the included navigation app with offline maps works really well. I have read in some other reviews that music that is played from a usb starts from the beginning every time you start the unit back up. I found the reverse to be true that music and video that is stored on a usb drive starts back from where it left off previously. The unit is fast and has no problem running multiple apps. The backup camera also works great. I tied the power for the camera along with the red cable running from the rca video cable to the reverse light and switches immediately even while booting. Definitely worth the money this is the coolest head unit.

I will add that the on board wifi is not great. I ended up plugging in a usb wifi in an extra usb port and it seems to work better.

Also in my picture the radio is sitting a little high I lowered it to be center with the factory radio slot after taking the picture now it looks even better.

TL;DR Unit works great above and beyond what I expected in many ways. I wish it would have came with bolts for the installation frame, and wifi is kinda weak. Overall great buy.