universal 6.95 inch quad core android 4.4 head unit

This is the car stereo I had been looking for. No more using all the apps from my phone and streaming through Bluetooth. This is a great Android 4.4 head unit that does everything I need it to.

The one issue I had was that it's NOT double Din unit. It's a tiny bit bigger than that, so it won't fit in a standard double Din adapter. In my Escalade, I simply connected the side pieces from the adapter and there's very little spacing between the quad core Android head unit and the dash, so it looks great as is. The other minor issue is that the home screen is not configurable. You have to go with their clock and weather widget. However, I did load my own launcher from the Google Play store and it works like I want it to now.
I love how the rear view camera opens up as soon as it is put in reverse - before the Android operating system has even loaded. It takes this unit 25-30 seconds to boot like most Android phones and tablets do. I use my phone as a hot-spot (I have a grandfathered unlimited plan - don't hate!) and I can stream Amazon Prime music, TuneIn radio, iHeart radio, YouTube - anything that you can watch or listen to on your phone or tablet. I am thinking of rooting it and will upgrade this if I do, but it functions almost perfectly for me as is. I definitely recommend this universal Android car stereo!