opel 7 inch touchscreen car stereo


I bought this head unit for my Antara 2008. It's such a pain to fit in the hole...I still can't make all of it fit snugly, but that's not a fault with the Opel car stereo, more likely what needs to happen is that I take it to a garage to have the dash/console/all the plastic removed so that you can get a hand is there from behind and coax the cables through. The 2 Din Bluetooth head unit itself does exactly what's described. I should also mention that I need a radio plug convertor (provided by the AutoPumpkin after emailing them), because the stereo out from my Antara is a white plastic connector plug, while the Pumpkin accepts a rod-like metal thing.

The company, AutoPumpkin, have been in touch already so I have to say great proactive support.