vw 7 inch touchscreen car stereo


You get an awful lot for your money with this VW car DVD.Good quality stereo works well and good build quality. Removed the original stereo from my VW Golf MK5 and this stereo fitted perfectly in place without any extra facia plates needed. Good operating system on it especially pleased with the GPS on it!

The fact that this 2 Din car stereo has Bluetooth, an SD slot and USB extension on the Base model is just brilliant. Never have to worry about running out of music. It fits the car perfectly, looks like an original unit and displays the VW logo just like the original. Easy to install everything including the mic for the phone and all the steering wheel buttons work as they should. The instruction manual is simple enough to navigate your way through the vast menus. The things that you will use a lot are easy to find with a couple of button presses, the navigation is good and the whole package is generally excellent, particularly when the price is taken I to account.

Well worth the money and and excellent piece of fit. I would also go for the reversing camera at the same time as the Win CE car DVD as it works out cheaper in the long run.