7 inch 2 din car stereo for vw

The head unit (LM-W0352) is well made, fitment is superb, it has the proper quad lock plug on the rear and went in fine. It has the built in canbus stuff so it communicates with the vehicle and gives lots of info etc. The menus are fairly basic and easy to navigate, DVD playback is fine as expected, cd audio same and also Bluetooth audio streaming and hands free are all working as they should without any problems. The VW head unit is responsive and nice to use, it has no external branding and looks just like it was factory fitted, it even has a VW logo upon powering up.

My only real gripe is with the satnav, although it works and is accurate, I find the route planning terrible, I've only used it a couple of times and it wanted to take me a totally different way, I've tried adjusting the route planning settings but it didn't help, maybe some more playing with settings etc may yield some better results, the maps are also 4 years old according to the software. One thing to also note is that if you have music streaming via BT with the satnav running the controls are very slow, turning the volume knob and the unit takes about 4 seconds to register, annoying but thankfully I've only had this when running the satnav.

Also the hands free calling via BT from my Galaxy S6 sounds a bit muffled, it's fine in my other car so it's definitely this unit.

Overall I'm fairly pleased so far despite the minor niggles.