vw 7 inch touchscreen 2 din car stereo

Fitted this to my late 2008 Skoda Octavia to replace the awful Stream that was fitted as standard and works fine.
Even though my car is not listed, certain functions do work, steering wheel volume, next track and mute all work. Opening the driver's door shows a neat graphic of the car with the driver's door open. This head unit (LM-W0352) does relay tuning information and track number back to the maxi dot display on the instruments. When engaging reverse a display appears for the optional reversing camera but doesn't give any information from the reversing sensors, however I think this is down to the standard sensors fitted to the car and not down to the unit itself. I still have the bleeps so not a problem. Build quality is good, especially considering the price paid, certainly no worse than an old Alpine head unit I had briefly fitted. Sat nav is quick to find satellites and location, even though the magnetic GPS antenna was just thrown in behind the dash. The VW radio is good at picking up stations - make sure you connect the blue wire for the aerial amplifier, it makes a huge difference. Bluetooth picked up my phone straight away and my contacts were downloaded in seconds. My unit came with an 8GB GPS card.
There are a couple of codes needed, for example to change the splash image, these are not listed in the manual. The code for this is 9981. However changing the splash screen to a Skoda one does not change the Welcome to Volkswagen home screen - no biggie.There are a number of settings which are hidden under the factory settings, such as the initial volume, keys shown on the home screen, is the car LHD or RHD etc. again you need a code for this, it is 3711.