universal 6.2 inch 2 din head unit

I was looking for a competitively priced sat nav for my car - a ten year old Panda - so didn't really want to spend too much. I did think about one of the Android units but in the end decided to go for this WinCE version. Big mistake.

Installation was a breeze, very straightforward. The supplied ISO harness clipped straight into the wiring inside the dash on my Panda and literally within five minutes I was listening to music and the radio - make sure you get yourself a radio aerial adapter though if you need one, they're under a pound. The 6.2 inch head unit doesn't come with a cage so you'll either have to buy one or use your existing one. I used the existing one that was already in my car.

The GPS receiver was also a doddle to fit. I stuck my hand up behind the glove box and pulled the receiver through from the open double din aperture in the dash. As it is helpfully magnetic I stuck it on a metal bracket down in-between the passenger and driver foot-wells. Signal strength was great and again within 30 seconds my location was found on the screen.

The interface is a little clunky compared to Android but as it was a lot cheaper I was prepared for that. The screen is responsive most of the time but I do find I have to stab at it every now and then with my finger, which is a little frustrating; particularly if you want to do something quickly whilst driving.

This 2 Din car stereo plays DVDs fine, not that I'll be doing that too often; CDs too. Playing off a pen drive was also straightforward but it is disappointing that the device doesn't have a USB input built into the front. There are two USB ports on the rear and you have to use the supplied USB extensions and manually feed it to a convenient position. Mine is Velcroed onto the dash. Playing from SD is also fine and the media player has coped with all the audio I've thrown at it. However, despite apparently being able to play MP4 files none have played so far; I always get a "not supported" message when trying to play an MP4. AVI plays fine. This is a shame as the majority of stuff I have is in MP4 format and I don't fancy converting it to AVI.

Bluetooth works well and I can play stuff from my phone and listen to Spotify without any issues. Also the phone functions work well and it is good to be able to dial a number directly from the unit.

GPS has worked OK although the iGo mapping leaves a lot to be desired. Despite a full strength signal the map tends to "spin" and place my position incorrectly on a fairly regular basis. When it works it works well but it does seem to spend a lot of time being confused about its correct location. Also on a couple of occasions I've not had any signal at all - or it's been very intermittent - I've turned my engine on and off and it back to full strength again. This is a little annoying and I'm not sure why it does it. If anyone knows of any mapping (preferably free) that would work on a WinCE system then please leave a comment as I'm not sure I can put up with iGo for much longer. Whilst on the subject it is straightforward enough to change the mapping software; I have downloaded MapFactor Navigator Free and it seems to work fine. I will also try Desnav. Navigator is pretty useless and desperately slow on this universal head unit. I can take a good five minutes for the maps to appear once I've launched Navigator and then just as long to get a signal. It's frustrating as I shouldn't have to wait ten minutes waiting for the GPS to kick in. Once it's working the signal strength is great so it certainly isn't a problem with the GPS antenna or its location. Looks like I will have to go back to iGo and its "spinning" maps. Certainly not what I expect.

The phone link doesn't work with my Samsung Note 4 despite being on the list of phones that apparently do work with this WinCE car DVD. I have enabled USB Debugging but still get a connection error when trying to connect. Shame as that is one of the things I really wanted to do. I'm not sure if I have to install anything else on my phone but the included instructions aren't too clear.

Overall, for the money I think this is an OK unit, however I now wish I'd paid a bit extra and gone for an Android unit. Saying that, I think the Pumpkin units themselves are not too bad, they seem solidly built and I have no doubt they will last for years, It is just the interface and software that lets it down.

AutoPumpkin themselves have been in contact with me and sent me updates for the maps and for the unit itself. The new version of the mapping software (iGo Primo) is a massive improvement on the original installed software and the Mapfactor Navigator software. So, I've added a star back for that. Also the update to the unit itself seems to have stopped all the freezing, so again I'll be adding a star again as the stereo is now a pleasure to use, shame it wasn't like that out of the box.

The main disappointment though is the lack of screen mirroring as apparently the phone HAS to be Android 4.4 car stereo and won't work with any other version. Bit shortsighted as I would think the majority of Android phones upgrade themselves.