vw 8 inch quad core android 4.4 head unit

To clarify: 

I previously had a Pioneer high end AppRadio, and sold it to install this model (KD-C0356). I installed this yesterday and everything works fine. (should I have any issue in 3-6 months time I'll let you know with a follow up review.)

  • This Android 4.4 car stereo does exactly what it says on the tin: it's like having an Android tablet on your dashboard.
  • You can mirror your Android phone and control it from the touchscreen (unlike Pioneer) and you don't need to root it or install hacked software or similar.
  • The installation is easy as all the cables come already configured. For example, there is a specific cable with the Canbus so you don't need to configure the steering wheel controls manually, and it works perfectly straight away.
  • Radio reception is excellent, and OEM radio software has nothing to envy the model I had before.
  • You can install any software from the Play Store, including your own navigator etc.
  • Also, you can connect to your phone via WiFi Tethering Hotspot and use internet. For example, to listen to internet radio.(Don't use it for YouTube or Netflix while driving because it's illegal, and worse: dangerous, and worse again: dangerous for other people!)
  • 24 months free warranty (explained in the description) + 30 days for return or exchange (didn't know this: was a good surprise. Hope I won't need it.)
  • Steering wheel controls cannot control apps. They can only control OEM apps. I can live with that, and the touchscreen is perfect, like a tablet. (better than Pioneer AppRadio for me)
  • Screen resolution is 800*480. Personally I didn't notice difference on an 8 inch screen, but up to you.