vw 8 inch android 4.4 car stereo

For those that said the CD/DVD player will not accept a CD/DVD all the way, you need to remove two screws on top of the quad core head unit prior to install.

- Perfect fit in 2010 Jetta, pure Android, Quad Core processor
- VW wiring harness included, just plug and play
- Steering wheel controls work when the included CANBUS adapter is installed. Plugs into the harness. But you need to program the controls by selecting steering from the main menu then selecting MODE. You then press which function you want to program such as ""volume up"" on the touch screen then press the ""volume up"" button on the steering wheel for the unit to learn which buttons do what. When complete, press the OK/save icon. I got volume, next/back, and call answer/end buttons to work.
- GPS appears to work. Finds my location quickly but I haven't tried the interface for navigation yet. I always use my phone for nav so might not use this capability. I did notice that you can store gas mileage information in the GPS section which is handy.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this Android 4.4 head unit.