Solid little unit (KD-C0346) that was plug and play without any necessary extras on my 2010 VW GLI. 

vw 8 inch quad core android 4.4 car stereo

The Android 4.4 head unit's user interface is fairly intuitive and won't take you long to figure out even without the manual. Strong FM signal with the built in FM antenna booster. The WiFi antenna is a little anemic so unless you have the router in the garage you aren't going to get much of a signal. I was able to hotspot though with my phone to overcome that limitation. Also the microphone cord length is a little short so be ready to get creative with the mounting and even more so if you want it to be discrete (see my picture where I put microphone next to the anti-lock brake button).

Glare is also a pretty big problem so you may have to invest in an anti-glare shield or live with low visibility when the sun is hitting you directly. Touch sensitivity is great, GPS uses iGO and maps are 2014 so they are recent enough to get you by. iPod works OK but strangely does not seem to allow you to sort and play by song name instead it sorts alphabetically by artist. Steering wheel controls work great with the included CanBus but system did not allow me to modify the steering buttons so as an example (you can select and move through your favorites on the radio with the "next" steering button but you cannot seek by holding that button down like on factory version). The VW head unit is pre-rooted so you can add any apk as needed. My unit did not have the "PUMPKIN" logo on the front that the picture shows which I was quite happy about since it looks more factory that way.