vw 8 inch quad core Android 4.4 head unit

A little background story. I purchased a new car and really wanted a touch screen sat nav head unit. I spent weeks speaking in forums, looking at reviews to fid the perfect one for me. I didnt want to spend to much and for my budget I couldnt get a branded headunit with the same spec as this one.
After a few more weeks of deciding i took the plunge and bought this head unit (KD-C0346). Before purchasing I contacted the customer service to confirm a few details first. They were fast to respond and answered all the questions. So first impression of the company was great.
So after owning one for a few weeks I must say this head unit is fantastic! Works perfectly and looks great.

I have since this point been in touch with the customer service team again and as questions about changing some settings and yet again they've been really helpful and fast to respond.

Highly recommended the unit and the Pumpkin company. Cant recommend enough.