universal android 4.4 head unit

I installed it for a couple days. It is running strong so far.

Pros: The head unit (KD-C0250) is awesome, touch screen is very responsive and super clear with high def 1024*600. It's really quad core, the processor is super fast. Operating system is what i expected with Android, very familiar and user friendly.I stream YouTube or any video, Internet radio. Applications run fast.

Cons: as other mention, the unit screen is a little bit bigger than the standard double din . You won't able to slide it completely into the frame. However, the way my 2007 Toyota Tundra dash layout, it does not make it look ugly with the screen stick out a couple mm. The backup camera (combo) is not as clear. Music need to store in the flash memory (about 13GB), not the external usb; otherwise it will keep play from the beginning of the usb, not pickup where you stop the engine. 

Other than that, I am still glad I went with Android 4.4 head unit rather than expensive alternates.