universal 6.95" android 4.4 quad core car stereo

I gotta say, I was a bit skeptical but for the price and features, it seemed like a good deal. After installing this quad core Android head unit in my 2003 Doge Ram 1500 and turning it on for the first time, I was blown away! Exceptional clarity, very bright, lots of options, and very FAST, as in processing speed. Flips between screens with ease, fast response when icon is touched. Never had to touch an icon twice... I'm still messing with it to figure out the tons of options...

Navigation, you have several options, Google maps, Waze and pre-installed nav from AutoPumpkin. With Google and Waze, you'll need network connection via hotspot. Works well, though orientation is not correct, meaning when I'm driving north for example, Google doesn't have me driving forward on the screen. However, with the pre-installed nav from AutoPumpkin, it's awesome and pretty much spot on. It doesn't require for you to have WiFi or hotspot, works via the supplied GPS/antenna. Has true orientation, with speed and a few other features.
Radio quality is excellent, (for me anyway) but if you're looking for high end music quality sound, I don't think this 6.95 inch Android unit would be the best choice. I have a sub-woofer installed, but as the other stated, no volume control for it...Though I lucked out as my sub box has that feature...So I'm happy.
DVD player, haven't tried it yet, but it can't be bad... Only time I think I would use the DVD player is if I'm stuck someplace?
Additional cables included, attachment for iPod/iPad... two USB cables and a mic for hands free calling. Have not tried those out yet either, but I;m sure it'll be fine. Lots of ways to listen to music...oh and an additional micro SD card slot.
And, as this an Android 4.4 car stereo, you have tons of additional options for download from the Google Play store -- basically you have a tablet with a radio.
Overall, two thumbs up and would recommend this radio for your DD.