universal android 4.4 car stereo

I was initially concerned re-installing but the instructions provided made this fairly straightforward. I was aware my car being 2005 model did not have ISO connectors and found adapters specific to my car via Amazon and Ebay. Using these adapters it was not too difficult to connect the radio and exception was a concern I had that my automatic antenna would operate. This was done via the AMP connector and worked first time. The instructions for the reversing camera were not so clear as supplied by the manufacturer. However the diagrams provided in the radio user manual were easier to follow and again the camera worked first time. Mirror link was set up and is really clever turning the car radio into a duplicate of my android phone. However I have downloaded and installed the apps I need directly onto the Android 4.4 quad core head unit which is simpler. Bluetooth phone connection set up was easy and sound quality is excellent, making this a first class hands free phone system. It may not affect other but with the car outside my WiFi connection was not so good and I purchased a cheap WiFi extender so that I could download larger files using my home WiFi. It’s also possible to use smartphone hotspot or cloud or other WiFi access points.
The GPS system provided with the unit (IGO) navigation is really good but map updates and speed camera data not directly included though the AutoPumpkin states they will provide updates via a their website and given the quality of the service so far I have no reason to doubt this. There are in any case many Sat Nav apps free and paid which can be easily downloaded from Google Play store.
The appearance of the installed universal head unit looks very nice in my car and has served to update an older car.
Overall good equipment unit, good after sales service and highly recommended.