Android 4.4 OS
If you know how to use Android , this thing (KD-C0235) is awesome. I will never use a regular car stereo again. The media options are endless with this head unit. Spotify worked great. Really anything you can do with any other Android can be done with this head unit. Very customizable.
Bluetooth for Hands Free
I synced my phone with it which worked perfectly and was simple.
I was able to set up a hot spot and worked from my phone’s internet. It paired up flawlessly with my OBD2 Bluetooth adapterup and I was able to run Torque.
6.95 Inch Touch Screen
I was a little nervous to buy this Pumpkin car stereo due to there being no reviews. I am glad I talked myself into going through with purchasing this. I was also concerned there weren't enough buttons but everything can be done easily with the drop down menu using the touch screen. 
I used a coat hanger as an antenna during this test operation and the radio functioned great and was easy to use after a few minutes of messing with it. Tune in radio worked awesome.
I played a DVD and the quality was good but not 1080p, but I don’t plan to watch movies with this much if at all.
This thing is awesome. I dry fired it in my garage with a battery/home theater receiver and couldn't be happier with how this head unit operated.