universal android 4.4 quad core head unit

Had this head unti (KD-C0234) installed a few weeks now in my 2004 civic with a bezel kit.

Set up honda logo screen, button colour etc.

Easy to use, basically an Android tablet with tuner and amplifier. Install apps from android market. Using copilot navigation app I payed for years ago, with speed cameras, works great on large screen and gps satellite pickup is quick.

Reversing camera wired to reverse bulb for power and trigger lead to come on when car in reverse, very clear with bright LED s and useful guide lines.

Sound is good and can be customized with the equalizer.

Bluetooth phone connection works ok I just have to speek up a little. The head unit has frozen a few times on the logo bootup screen but a quick off and on remedied this. The car mic plug broke in the lead socket and Pumpkin kindly sent me a replacement, so good service. Price has come down since my purchase and I would recommend the product, so far so good.