universal 6.2 inch quad core android 4.4 head unit

I gave this Android car radio to my son for a birthday gift. He loved it and I was fascinated with this device and all that it can do. I decided to purchase one for my automobile. I love this unit. It has some glitches to the system such as loosing the programmed radio stations, and having to boot a second time as it will freeze during boot up, neither of which happens frequently, but the potential for this unit is amazing. Being a quad core tablet I get all of the advantages of my android smart phone that I was previously using in my car ( for music, GPS etc.) via Bluetooth, built right into the dash of my car. All of the features of the unit work as advertised but the expansion possibilities are fantastic. Add a back and or front facing camera, a wireless hot spot, rear screens for the DVD to entertain the younger family members, tether to your phone by hot spot or blue tooth the potential is only limited by the accessories available in the market place. I highly recommend this car unit (KD-C0234) as a replacement for any double din car audio system sold by the auto dealers.