universal android 4.4 car stereo

I will never ever buy pioneer or a big name head unit again! Absolutely brilliant GPS works great the touch screen is extremely responsive and easy to use. Love having the extra USB ports that I ran into my glove box and use as phone chargers.

Fitting this universal 6.2 inch car stereo was fairly straightforward in my Vauxhall vectra c 2005, only thing is I need a slightly smaller cage than the stock one but Al these little things are to be expected when purchasing a cheap unit like this!

Overall - over the moon fantastic Android 4.4 head unit, I see another review only giving it a few stars ignore that he's moaning about the smallest things and it does play DVDs! U have to wire it to handbrake so it'll play when you aren't driving, of not just ground the cable for use with driving.

You would spend well over a grand getting all these features from a big name brand.