universal 6.2 inch Android 4.4 head unit
There is a slight problem though. The GPS program (iGo) seems to be having a little problem. I've changed the 3D figure (where you're at on the map) and as soon as I go back to change it back to something else... it just exits the program. It's still usable, but if the option doesn't work, then it's not what I bought. I guess I should try another GPS program if I can figure out how to get that to work - just a matter of time and probably an extra expense.
Other than that, I put a 64 GB SD card in it with a ton of music and pictures on it and it read it as easy as if it were a 1 GB card. If you place the MP3's in folders (band/album) then you have the folder name come up on the universal Android head unit and you can quickly browse through and find any particular song you want. You can even get it to list all the songs on the card and have it play the whole thing, although I could never listen to everything there while in my car. I believe (not certain yet) that there's a randomize or shuffle function, but I haven't had the time to try that yet. They state it will only access a 32 GB card, but I'm getting the full 64 GB's I have in it. Maybe it has something to do with the type of card you're using? I bought one specifically for cameras and its read/write speeds (very fast) and it accesses the whole thing!
Bluetooth on this is seamless and works like a charm. Set it for the phone and as soon as the 6.2 inch Android unit turns on again... bingo - it automatically connects if you've set it up for automatic connection. The internal mic is clear enough that other people can hear me and I have it set to auto answer incoming calls so I do not have to take my eyes off the road to get the phone to answer. Safety is the main concern. I value that over screening my calls while driving. The contacts list imported easily and calls made out are fine. I now need to incorporate voice commands to it and then try to find a text to speech app for testing... if that can even be done on this unit. I'll probably have to root it for that, but who knows? I haven't had it long enough to tell.
The size must be weird (again, I'm not certain) because the mounting kit I bought, the bezel wouldn't fit. I hacked at it with my dremel and I'm just not that good at cutting straight lines with it. It looked cheap and crappy so I ditched it and now I have a gap between my dashboard fascia and the unit. I'll probably use some 1/8" door panel (plywood) and paint it black. At least I can cut wood straight.
Maybe the AutoPumpkin should sell mounting kits that fit this so there wouldn't be any problems when you install them, but I didn't notice any when I bought it. It may have that option, but I have a tendency to "speed read" and can have gone right past it if its even there.
So... some slight gripes - nothing I can't live with. I easily would recommend this to friends and family without hesitation.
This Android 4.4 head unit is a tank. They sent me the KitKat update. I followed the instructions and it went through without a hitch. My buddy just bought a high dollar Pioneer and it can't do 1/4 of the stuff this one does. Do yourself a favor... If you're looking for a good android head unit, then you're in the right place. The after sales support team are quick to respond, very helpful and will answer any question you can throw at them. I would not hesitate to buy another head unit from them again.