7 Inch 1 Din Touchscreen car stereo

I choose this model (KD-C0109) as I though that I would be able to configure it how I liked, I have not been disappointed.

Although this head unit has perfectly acceptable GPS and music apps I have installed Copilot as I had it on my phone and it works perfectly and it includes full postcode whereas the installed app has only partial postcodes. The music app is nice but doesn't appear to allow random play so I installed MixZing and it works great. It plays DVDs of any region so keep a few handy for when you are stuck on the M2. It seems to connect to anything, I downloaded the additional apps via the built in wifi but could also have done it through the "hotspot" on my phone. Of course you can play the music on your phone via bluetooth.

Only a few years ago you would pay over £1k for a pop up gps. It is truly amazing.