toyota rav4 head unit

I purchased this (CS-W0649) and fell in love.


JBL & Steering wheel controls (SWC). Once you figure out you have to discard some of the original harnesses and re-wire some connections to the CANBUS that supports the JBL & SWC it is just a matter of disconnecting the old stereo from the car and plug this one in. (this is where the lack of instructions affected the amount of stars I gave this.

So far I'm pleased with it, I don't have the portable GPS and the camera monitor hanging off my dash anymore, it does make for a cleaner look. If the GPS software would let you pick places around you from a database I would have given this four stars.

I connected another camera to the car prior to buying this so I just hooked it up to that one, I used a switch instead of using the reverse signal so I can turn it on when I want.

Power: Definetly louder and better sound coming out of this unit compared to the original. I played a movie on this and it looks good.


Fit: You have to use the brackets from your original stereo. Wouldn't be such a bad thing if only this head unit had had the same mating holes and alignment bumps the original stereo had. This makes the stereo lay a little lower than the original so you have to force it into place.