7 inch 1024*600 android 4.4 DAB+ car stereo

After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and order this unit and the DAB receiver over a Clarion unit, and I'm very pleased I did! I had an old Android unit and the hands-free was next to useless, and the background hiss on playback was awful. It appears the Parrot chip has resolved the hands-free, and the background hiss is barely audible on the quad core Android unit.

The GUI is pretty good on this Android 4.4 car stereo, but I may look elsewhere in the future, and boot up is around 20 seconds. Installation was relatively simple, although the bezel supplied needed filing down to fit in the double Din gap. The only major problems I had were the short mic lead and DAB aerial wire (although that's not even part of the 7 inch Android head unit). I have this hooked up to a WiFi, and that seems to work fine, GPS is quick as well.
Great unit. I highly recommend it!