toyota universal android 4.4 quad core head unit

So far so good. I was able to easily install this over the course of a couple hours with no experience installing an Android 4.4 head unit before (thanks to copious amounts of online tutorials available for this model stereo in my vehicle).

It's an Android tablet, and you probably know more about those than I do. I have downloaded nearly all the apps I wanted on it (Spotify, Toruqe, Netflix, Xfinity Go, TomTom NAV). It's really awesome. Spotify runs directly on this quad core Android head unit, and it operates beautifully. 
Call quality seems OK while driving. This Toyota head unit came with an external mic and I have mounted to the steering column. FM radio works a little better than the factory OEM unit which sucks. I get a few more stations and the one that broke in and out in AM stay locked now. Very quick processor, doesn't seem sluggish at all, and everything is very responsive. 
Navigation is excellent. The OEM nav is iGo which works well, just had to find the menu item to disable the speedometer, but after that, it looks good and worked well around here. I just prefer TomTom, so I purchased it on my phone and sideloaded it on this Toyota car stereo
All in all, I really like it.