7 inch android 4.4  vw navigation

Bought this quad core car stereo (11-C0362) for my VW Golf and it fits perfectly! You could never tell that this is an aftermarket stereo. I bought this to replace my boring factory stereo. With its Android capabilities, it provides an endless array of entertainment.
You can check emails, Google, YouTube, download any app off the Play store (via WiFi connection), watch DVDs, check car status, Bluetooth connectivity using hands free calling and music, iPod connectivity and what I love about this Android 4.4 head unit is that I can connect my 500 GB external hard-drive via the 2 USB ports provided and play music and watch 1080p HD films which looks impeccable on the 7 inch screen! I could go on for longer but thought to keep this review short.
Alongside the great product is a great team providing excellent customer service. They have answered all my queries and concerns efficiently which made me purchase this with greater confidence.
The only niggle I have with this is that every time I switch the gear into reverse, the screen goes blank and shows "no signal" which is a bit annoying but isn't worth declining a star. I assume that the system automatically thinks that its connected to a reverse camera (which I don't have). Other than that, the product itself is flawless.
So glad I bought this and thanks again AutoPumpkin. This stereo makes the car 10 times better!