vw android 4.4 head unit


I bought this VW Android car stereo back in August and wanted live with it for a while before I wrote my review. I have to say, this stereo is amazing!! It really is.

This quad core head unit is actually really easy to install if you are a fairly competent person (mine didn’t actually come with any instillation instructions). Its pretty much plug and play. Be sure to connect the two blue wires for the aerials power otherwise you will struggle for reception. If you have any problems with the installation, just email AutoPumpkin. They are very good at responding, and respond quickly. I would highly suggest getting some trim removal tools when installing. You don't want to ruin the trim by prying at it with a screwdriver.

The sat nav it comes with is ok but not brilliant. I would recommend downloading Waze, its much better. The interface is just like using a android tablet, which is awesome and you can tether your phone to it. The sound is good, not quite as good as the standard stereo but with a few weeks it comes close. If you don't have a reverse camera you will get a screen that says 'no signal' when you put it in reverse. You can add a switch to the wire to prevent this if you wish. It doesn't bother me though.

Overall, worth every penny!!