universal 7 inch quad core car stereo

So, this quad core Android unit, right? Android operated, and true quad core powered. It's fast, snappy with apps. Pretty simple UI. User friendly, and work as a full Android tablet.

This Brand? AutoPumpkin? I've heard good things about them, and they did a fantastic job on the build of this. So for the price you get 10x more features than the leading brands.
The default GPS is good and accurate, and you can download your favorite GPS app if you want something different. I play video files from portable video files from portable harddrive/flash drive and the sound quality is awesome. It's much better than the Pioneer and Kenwood I had in my car.
The only annoying part is no instructions, at least that would be needed for the backup camera. But it's simple, just run the single yellow RCA to the rear. It has a red wire lead that is in it as well, use the red wire for the reverse lights. And to power the camera, I tied it to the AMP remote wire for the sub to turn on/off with radio.
The only downside is that it doesn't remember where it left off if it was playing music from an external USB flash/HDD. But then again, I haven't found a radio that could do that or actually shuffle music from it properly any way.
iPod/iPhone support, with its own ability for 3G/4G service via USB dongle like model TB-Y0014. Other than those minor things, this universal Android 4.4 car stereo is great, the best I ever had.