universal 7 inch quad core car stereo


Having had installed this universal Android head unit about a month ago in the wife's car, I would have to say that for the money it is pretty good. I work here in Germany with the Military and ordered this from the United States. Of course the maps are US and I tried to go to the site to find Europe maps and this model doesn't even show up on the list, and I could be missing the model as the site has an extensive listing of manufacturers. However, I uploaded a different navigation system to the unit and it works great, and connects faster than our stand alone GPS. The only thing with the 3rd party nav is that you can't listen to music and have navigation at the same time. I park the car in the garage and it hooks up to my WiFi in the house with no issues. The system itself works great, I wish it could update to a newer OS but the current one works just fine for what it needs to do. Installation went just fine even though the instructions were very lacking. Having installed many Android 4.4 head unit it was not a problem. I bought an adapter for the car, soldered it to the one provided with the unit and installation was a breeze. Somebody else mentioned that the unit didn't fit too well and I had the same issues. I had to loosen the brackets a bit and finesse it into the opening and it looks and fits like it should. Bluetooth is a tad cumbersome to hookup but it works and once it is paired to the phone there are no issues. I am using the included mic and have it hooked up to just behind the steering wheel and it works great.

Boot-up does take a little bit. It isn't instant as a normal quad core Android car stereo would be. This is just like if you powered your phone completely off and have to power it up every time. Essentially it takes about 20-30 seconds for it to power up. I will install the backup camera soon and can only imagine that in order to use it you will have to wait for it to power up. Again not a long time to power up but just not instant.

EDIT: Got the backup camera installed and pleased to say that video from the reverse camera is almost instant from when the car is turned on. Wife can use it almost immediately when backing out of the driveway or any other parking situation. Very pleased with this.

I would buy this again because for the money it is a great purchase. You won't be able to tell your friends you have a name brand but those that get into the car love the DAB Android unit and how it looks and works. Could it be better, sure, updating the OS would be nice, but for a sub 300 dollar unit you can't beat this. Having the ability to customize like an Android phone is nice, something you can't do with normal head units.