7 inch 1024*600 android 4.4 car stereo


This quad core Android head unit is much faster than the other unit. 

It also has fewer hard buttons which means they can be bigger which is better whilst driving. The combined on/off volume button is much more intuitive to use and in the other unit I kept reaching for and missing the tiny buttons. The other nice touch with this Pumpkin car stereo is that you can change the color of the button back lights to match your existing car's panel lights. 
I've not got the DAB digital radio box yet but probably will, can't comment on the feature yet. GPS picks up quickly from the sensor mounted behind the glove box (not in sight on the window). I've fitted a reversing camera which works great and pops on automatically when in reverse. You can also add in a Dash Cam which seems to work fine viewed through the AV Viewer app. I got a really cheap one off eBay to see if it was something I'd use before getting a better specced one. (I will). You may need to get a USB connected Dash Cam for the inbuilt app to work.
Everything works as you'd expect an Android 4.4 head unit to. I'll write an update after I've had it a while.