universal 7 inch quad core car stereo

This 2 Din head unit is really something to get excited about. I replaced my old Pioneer with this and although installation took a few hours, it's really an impressive unit. If you are an audiophile this won't produce the deep range of sound and wattage as you might expect from other higher-end head units. But what this lacks in audio depth, it makes up for in functionality, 10 fold. If you have an Android phone, this will be second nature to you, it's like having your cellphone or tablet in the car at all times. Any app you use on your cellphone or tablet can be installed to this quad core universal Android unit if you have a WiFi connection. (that includes Amazon Music, too!) One must wonder why Amazon doesn't OEM a product like so that people can access their files, pictures, music, movies, even shopping while on the road?

Anyhow, some nice feature that do work perfectly... you can tether your Android phone to the Android 4.4 car stereo and get 4G/LTE without needing an additional SIM card and data plan (although one exists if you want to fork out the additional cost). GPS is excellent and works off an SD card so you don't need cell service for GPS to read the maps...(such as the case with Google Maps/Ways etc). It has WiFi and you can connect to local favorite hotspots or outside your home if your signal is strong enough... I have found WiFi to be very useful for installing apps and updating software. On the road you can load music or videos via USB flash drive or from your phone. The backup camera works very well and the Bluetooth is excellent. Only complain is that the radio receiver sometimes has difficulty picking up weaker stations.
Overall, excellent product and value!