If you wanna use the OBD2 scanner with Pumpkin Android 4.4 head unit to monitor engine functions, then might need this guidance:

  • Step 1: Install an app named "Torque" in your Android head unit. Here's the Torque pro from us, please download it:


  • Step 2: Plug the OBD-II scanner into your vehicle. Make sure your OBD2 scanner is with 4 digital Bluetooth paring code.

OBD2 Scanner


  • Step 3: Enter the head unit's Bluetooth app, and set its paring code to the same as the OBD2 scanner's. Normally, our Pumpkin OBD2 scanner's code would be 1234 or 0000.


  • Step 4: Enter the Torque app and make some default settings. Please choose the connection way,OBD2 MAC address and the correct protocol for your car.

Choose the Connection Way


Choose the correct OBD-II MAC address

Choose the Correct Protocol

Now, you can monitor the engines's function.