Actually, it's quite simple to take screenshot on Pumpkin Android 4.4 car stereo. The short answer is set up all the necessary settings and then take a screenshot.

take screenshot on pumpkin android 4.4 car stereo

  • Set up Necessary Settings

Enter Settings -> choose Screenshot Setting -> set the location of screenshot image storage (GPS/SD/USB) -> select the delay time to capture the screen.

  • Take a screenshot

After setting up all the necessary settings, switch to the desired interface and the image will be automatically screenshotted after the clock runs down.

Taking screenshot allows you to capture an enlarged version of what's display on you quad core unviersal head unit as a PNG file, letting you quickly share the image among friends via email or through popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even send the screenshot to AutoPumpkin tech support for further analysis or use them to make a how-to guide. More importantly, never before has it so easy to share pictorial proof of your high score in Angry Birds with such unobtrusive and a general lack of modesty.