android 4.4 car stereo

GPS function might be one of the most frequency-used functions in Android 4.4 car stereo. However, issues might occur when you want to use it. Here are some common problems and possible solutions:

  • Signal issue
Sometimes, car owners can't locate their location with the navigation system on. If this issue occurs, you should check whether there's something wrong with the hardware of the quad core Android car stereo. If not, this may cause by the signal connection.
Solution: Please try to place the GPS antenna in another place. If you put the antenna on the headstock before, you can put it on the cover plate of the trunk now. The signal would be easier to be interfered in the headstock than in the trunk of a car.
  • Information in GPS map goes wrong
Some car owners find that the information in GPS map goes wrong often. This may be caused by the map. The maps should be upgraded at intervals.
Solution: Download the upgraded version from the Internet and use a USB flash disk or a SD card to storage it. Some car stereo merchants offer GPS maps directly. You can ask them for the map resources, too. This will help you find a suitable map in a short time.
  • Navigation works without sound
Solution: Please check if you have pressed the mute key of the 2 din head unit. If not, you should go to the GPS setting and check whether you turn off the voice function. The system setting for audio should be checked, too.
In most cases, the GPS issues will be fixed by the solutions mentioned above. If the problem still exist, you can ask AutoPumpkin for help first. If the problem still can't be solved, you had better go to a repair shop and check it thoroughly.