The wince HU car stereo is usually simple than the Android HU car dvd gps, but wince head unit's system files are divided into several parts, so when you download from our link, you may get a zip/rar file. Please extract it out, you will get those files out from it, normally with 7 or more files, some may even with folders. Below are two examples for reference, that depends on the item you may have on your hand.

Example 1:

Example 2:

 Copy those extracted files into an empty (micro)SD card, and insert to GPS/Navi slot of HU, turn on the car power of the radio, while entering the radio, it will read the update card and automatically update. If the radio is already on, you can use a sharp pen to press RST hole on the radio to reboot and update, the result is the same. 



The following is a tutorial video you can refer to:




Please DO NOT disconnect power or do other operation to the radio while updating, or the HU will be damaged. Any artificial damage to the HU will void the warranty.


In case you may use the wrong firmware due to different item with different firmware, the firmware link will not be public here directly, please send us your order number and purchasing link, we will reply to your email address with the proper firmware. Or you can direct email above order information to , any email will be replied within 24 hours expect for Saturday and Sunday due to off work.


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