Having a CD stuck in your VW Android head unit could be really annoying. Generally, a CD will get stuck because the unit doesn't recognize there's a CD inside. Sometimes the CD will be too slick for the eject mechanism to get through grip to eject the disc. With a little finesse, you should be able to get the CD out.

VW Android car DVD player


Things You'll Need

  • Instruction manual for your head unit
  • Tweezers or needle nose pliers
  • Paperclip
  • Extra CD
  • Popsicle stick
  • Scotch tape
Step 1
Sometimes removing the radio fuses will "reset" the VW car stereo and the CD will eject. Locate the fuses by reading the manual. Remove the radio fuses and wait 10 minutes before putting them back in. Turn your ignition to the Accessory position and press eject on the disc player.
Step 2
With the ignition still on Accessory, press and hold the eject button for two to three minutes. Then release the button and press it once. Having the player try to eject the disc for a long period with a quick release and restart might jolt it into working.
Step 3
Grab the CD with tweezers or needle nose pliers and put it out while holding the eject button. This might give the eject mechanism the extra grip it needs to push the CD out.

Step 4
Look for an emergency release hole on the front of the car DVD player. If your player has one, straighten a paperclip and push it into the hole. This should force the CD out of the player.
Step 5
Insert a second CD about an inch into the slot so that it rests atop the stuck CD. With the ignition on Accessory, press the eject button while wiggling the CD. Be gentle, because the object is not to pull out the CD, but to provide a double-thick surface in hopes of giving the eject mechanism a better grip.
Step 6
Roll up a small piece of scotch tape and place it on the end of a popsicle stick. Gently push the end of the stick into the Android 4.4 car stereo and try to get the tape to touch the CD. Gently pull up with the stick while pressing the eject button. Again, the goal is to provide traction to help the player eject the disc.