If you encounter the situation that Pumpkin Android car stereo's GPS card reader failed and GPS doesn't work, you can fix it by following this instruction:

1. Contact the AutoPumpkin for the GPS navigation file download link, download the file and copy to the GPS card. (Please tell us your unit's SKU or order number so that we can send the correct link to you.)

2. Turn on your Android 4.4 car stereo, uninstall the iGo app.


3. Insert your GPS card into the card slot, then enter the ApkInstaller and click Install.


4. Select GPS Card -> iGO -> iGo_NF.apk, then install the iGo app on your quad core head unit.


5. Now you can use your GPS navigation app again.


Also, here's a video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n85KtU3X7nA&feature=youtu.be