Almost all of Pumpkin universal Andorid car GPS DVD supports the Steering Wheel Control if your car came with this control from factory,but it only supports resistance ladder type since Pumpkin universal head units only offer standard ISO power cable which has no Can-Bus decoder.And the program is easy.


However not all the cars has steering wheel control(SWC) from factory,the drivers still wanna make the SWC work with Pumpkin Car DVD.Then what they can do?


Here is one of Pumpkin's customers who succeeded in making the SWC work in his non-SWC car.


Steering wheel audio controls. This was a big part of my decision to get this Pumpkin head unit. It states it will work with steering wheel controls, but doesn't list how. It uses two wires that run to the wheel controls. 


The car gps stereo will only work with resistance ladder type controls. Meaning Vol up switch is 150ohm, Vol down is 300ohm, etc. All on the same wire. You have to ground the switches, not run the resistance between the two wires. I added a new wheel with audio controls to my car that didn't come with controls from the factory. I had the hardest time getting them to work. The program part is very nice, but it seemed like it couldn't get a good reading off the switches. I tried different resistances, different number of switches on each wire. Everything I could think of, but nothing made them work for any more than 5 minutes. Sometimes after I programmed them, I went back to CD player to use them and they didn't work. I though it was just a crappy part of the system, like the radio. 


I bought a PAC SWI-X, a system that converts resistance signals to IR signals. Its is meant for steering wheel controls. I thought this would work, as the remote always worked fine with the unit. But this unit did not work well either. 


I noticed that it would not pick up the signals from the wheel either. (it has an LED that lights up when a signal is received) Same problem, it would work for 30 seconds after programming, then very erratically. Thinking the odds of the PAC unit not working were quite low, I hooked up a multimeter to the wheel controls. The controls are grounded through the steering shaft, just like the factory horn ground. To my surprise, the resistance was all over the place. And not by a little, by several hundred ohms. Whenever the wheel was touched, the resistance flew up and down. No wonder the unit didn't work well, it had no idea what was being pushed! I had an extra wire in my clock-spring, so I grounded the controls to the dash through that wire. Everything works amazing now!!! I have complete control over the unit all the time!! I am so happy I found this out. 


Long story short, test your ground on the wheel to make sure it is a stable ground if you are having trouble with the controls not working. I figured since the horn and cruise control grounded through the steering shaft, that it would be a sufficient ground. I was so wrong. I wanted to post this up, as I did not see any other guides online to show to to hook up the controls.

Great unit at a great price. Can't go wrong!!


Hope his experience will help you guys out!


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