The installation for aftermarket Toyota Rav4 navigation is very easy, just follow the below steps so that you can know more about installation.

1. Remove the right and left panel near the factory radio with plastic knife, it's very easy to pry the top of the original car CD panel.

2. After removing the panels on both sides, remove the four screws.
3. Take out the original CD player, then unplug the cables behind the factory CD and radio.
4. Plug the power cable with Toyota head unit and the other end with the factory plug, connect the radio cable, you don't need to cut wires for installation, connect the GPS antenna, and put it at the top right of the dashboard.
5. Push the new aftermarket Android 4.4 car stereo into the dash, and then tighten the four screws.
6. Install back the front panels, also both left and right panels.
7. Then you can turn on the Toyota head unit and test every function, especially for radio, so that you can make sure if you have connected the radio antenna correctly.