First, please check what kind of rear camera you have bought, it normally divided into two types: 


Wireless Camera:

Easy to install

Transmitter & receiver must be aimed at each other

Antennas easily broken

Shift during normal use

Poor quality or no picture sometimes

Be susceptible to interference


Wired Camera:

Gain good image quality

Don’t be susceptible to interference

Time waste to install

Even money cost if hired technician to install


In order to gain better video signal and image quality, which usually people care the most, we suggest you to buy the wire one. Now we will going to show you how to install an aftermarket rear camera to the Pumpkin car GPS radio.


For Wired Rear Camera

Normally those after market rear camera are equiped with some installation instruction card inside the box. If not, do not worry, please check at the following photos. We firstly need to figure out what's function of those wires from the rear camera, and where they should connect. 

The most common type:




Some cameras may comes with reverse detective wire, and you may need to use the wire in some kinds of Car Radio DVD GPS stereo. But the connection of other wires are the same as the normal type rear cameras'.


Here is a picture to show you where the reverse light is and how to joint the wires.


Following is a tutorial guidance video for your reference:




For Wireless Rear Camera

You can connect the camera as the following photos shows.


If your camera does not have the  No. 8 reverse detective wire in the photo, and your monitor requires that wire to be connected to trigger the monitor to automatically switch to rear camera image, then you may need to extend the reverse detective wire from the monitor, and wire it up to the trunk of the car, and connected it to 12V positive pole of the car reverse light.




If your headunit uses the CAN BUS decoder box to control the reverse signal, then the reverse detective wire has already been connectted between the CAN BUS box and the headunit, then you don't need to care about this wire, just connect the RCA jacket to the camera input port from the radio.


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