If your aftermarket car stereo's radio station is unclear or is fuzzy, here's the tip to improve your radio station signal:

1. In order to make the GPS antenna connected tight, please use something to make this higher. Also, to avoid interference and get better radio signal, you can connect the radio to GND.


2. Plug into the radio antenna to see if the antenna connection is loose, it may cause bad signal.


3. If your car radio has noise interference (it appears when speeding up or driving), you can cover the radio antenna with something nonmetallic to avoid the interference.

4. Since the quad core Android car stereo's shell will build up static or interference when your vehicle power on with it, try to cover the radio antenna as the following picture shows:


 For this kind of radio adapter which has blue wire, you'll need to connect the blue wire to +12V.


5. And then, enter in the Android 4.4 unit's radio app and you can choose search station automatically or manually.

If the radio presenter shows playing but the background music is very noisy, please turn off ST since the radio signal is very weak. The main function of TA is to make sure your car driving safety. And the RDS station has a traffic information function, which will send you the message when something encounter important transportation. If you listening to the radio, you need to pay attention to this.