Although poor GPS signal could be a hardware problem, it's more often something that can be resolved by tweaking your Android 4.4 car stereo settings. Here're some tips to show you what you can do to improve GPS signal on your Android head unit.

Android 4.4 car stereo GPS navigation system


Find out if your GPS issues are hardware or software-related.

You can diagnose to see whether poor GPS signal is due to hardware or software issue by using the GPS Essentials.
  • In the GPS Essentials main menu, tap Satellites, then watch (with some amazement) at your 2 din car stereo connecting to satellites around the earth.
  • If no satellites are appearing, then this could be due to interference from metallic objects around you, your car stereo case, or your GPS hardware not working properly.
  • If satellites are appearing, but your GPS is still out of whack, then is a software issue, and you should refer to the other tips in this post to help you.

Refresh your GPS Data

Sometimes your quad core Android car stereo will get "stuck" on certain GPS satellites, even if they're not within range, causing it not to work properly. To fix this, you can use an app like GPS Status&Toolbox clear your GPS data and to start connecting to satellites over from scratch.
  • In the app, tap anywhere on the screen, then tap the spanner icon and Manage A-GPS state.
  • Tap Reset, then when that's finished go back into the Manage A-GPS state menu and tap Download.
  • Your GPS data should now be refreshed, and if it starts playing up again, then just repeat this process.