Recently Pumpkin got some of clients'feedback telling that the head unit could not be turned on once installed the first time or after used for a while.

Mostly this happens due to the cables wrongly connected.Here Pumpkin support team tells how to make it right.

Situation 1: 

For the universal car dvd players with ISO power cable.

Please first check if your car have the canbus system which control your original radio turning on or off.

Your car don't have canbus system, then you just need to make sure you connect the below three wires correctly, then the unit will turn on when start your ignition key.


-Bold Yellow Wire need to connected to your car battery to get 12V permanent power supply

-Red Wire 12V should be connected to your car ignition (ACC) wire

-Bold Black to Ground

If your car has canbus system but you bought our universal unit, you may need to buy the adapter or modify wires to make our unit work with your car.

For some special car, such as Nissan, which original ISO cable does not have ground wire, you have to connect the radio antenna(it's peripheral metal parts can be nagetive pole) as the negative connection which form a circuit to make the unti get power supply.

Then check at the power harness both on the radio side and other Car connector side.

Please make sure power harness on the radio side connected tightly and the blue fuse in the back of our unit.

There are some unit which need to be turn on with power button, not all the unit turning on when you start the ignition key.

A few case which the stucking button also result the unit not turning on.

If you exclude all these possible situation, you may need to remove the unit from your car to test if the red and bold yellow wire have 12V-14 V power suppply.

You can also install your original radio to check if it's the power supply problem or the power cable problem.

Here is a tutorial video for your reference.



Situation 2:


For the specific head unit which have power cable with canbus box, such as VWBMWBenz etc..

Some car which have canbus system control original radio turning on and off, then when you buy the unit from us, our unit will also canbus box to decode the ignition signal come from the car canbus system.

If the canbus box have problem, then our unit can not be turn on normally. Under this situation, you can remove the canbus box, then cut the red wire and join it into bold yellow wire, or refer the below picture using a extra wire to connect the red and yellow wire



If the car stereo can be turned on with this wire modification and your car car don't have steering wheel control or you don't mind the steering wheel control, you can just connect the red wire to your ignition ACC wire, then you can continue to use the unit.

Or we can send you a new canbox to solve the problem.

If the car radio still does not turn on, the unit have problem, you may contact our customer serivce to return.

Situation 3:


For the car gps radio which have built in canbus, such as LM-W0352.

When you get our unit first time and install, please first check if the DIP NO.3 turn down, then just plug your original power cable to our unit.

If you used the unit after some time, suddenly the unit could not be turned on, it's possible the built in canbus have fault.


If you have any other problems, please contact us feel free.

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