WinCE 6.0 Car GPS DVD Player 1 Din


Absolutely brilliant bit of kit. I would be lost without it. Even though my GPS antenna is stuck under the dashboard against the inside of the bulkhead, I get very accurate navigation and at least 10 satellites at all times.


The sound is brilliant and it even allows programming of a stalk adapter.


I cannot praise this Pumpkin unit high enough.


I can both recommend this product and state I have not received any discount or other reward for this review.


The overall quality is far greater than expected, considering the price.


--by Steve


Very good looking unit for the price. Sounds great, easy enough to wire up with a bit of common sense, although my car is old so wasn;t bothered about ripping the insides apart, but have since been told there are plenty adapters available. Can attach an external storage to the USB port and play AVI files through the screen, as well as music. Can also stream music through your phone over bluetooth and play through the unit. GPS works great, picks up satellites very quickly.


Does the same job, just as well, as many more expensive examples.


The manual could do with being a little clearer, so I'm still trying to figure some of the features out, but if you are looking for a good unit without paying extortionate prices, then this could be the one.


--by Rusty


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