I purchased two of the model CH1003B headrest auto dvd player for install in my '13 BMW X5. I did a lot of research and decided that this model would offer the best bang for my buck, as it offers a clean design with superb functionality a 1/10 the cost of an OE rear entertainment system.


What attracted me to the Pumpkin units is the ability to hardware the power source and make either screen the master screen for DVD playback. Also I like that there is an HDMI input so I'm able to use my Roku or Chromecast.


As I had 12V power in the center console, I hardwired the power source and hid the cables under the console. I also ran the cable behind the seat back trim to the monitors for a clean install. The headrest monitors come with the silver bezel installed but I think the black bezel is much more modern and attractive, so I switched.


My only complaint is that the sound could be louder out of the built in speakers. I would have preferred there to be Bluetooth connectivity to the vehicle's audio system, and the ability to play BluRay discs, but I cannot fault the model for not being capable of such as I'm sure those features are available at a much higher cost.


I like the built in FM modulation so the sound can come out of the vehicle's sound system. I think the picture quality is superb for the price. All in all, I'd certainly recommend this headrest monitor dvd player.


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