I have just installed the Pumpkin car dvd for BMW E46 today and can say I am very happy with the results however I have a couple of things that need mentioning:

No 1.compatibility of the built in harman kardon system as i thought I would need to rewire all of the speakers however everything has worked without rearranging of the wires and it was a straight forward plug in ( business cd).

No 2. the harness plug on the Pumpkin car dvd bmw e46 was very fiddly and it broke the clip in the BMW car so I had to remove that for the harness to fit in.

No 3. problem sliding the unit back into the dash due to the yellow and black wires running into the fuse block of the Pumpkin harness. I had to cut the wires and extend them which eventually gave more space and the unit fitted in perfectly. 

The problem with reverse camera is verry simple you must cut the wire from reverse camera. The plug from dvd didnt work so easy but if you try a little bit hard will be plug. I own a e46 from 2004. And no other problems. No lag no nothing everithing work proper! 

The buttons and knobs are very well built, the finish is slightly more glossy than the stock business radio of the E46, though I suspect part of that is due to aging of the stock materials. The screen is bright and clear and the touch screen is very responsive, the colors and sharpness are great.

The bmw dvd gps car radio comes with a .apk installer app so that you can install any app from the Google Play store from an SD card, or anywhere else you could find a .apk app. It also has the Google Play Store app installed on it so if you use your phone as a mobile hotspot for the on-board wifi or use a 3G data card in your unit you can download apps directly from the store.

Over all I am very happy with this Pumpkin unit. Only one thing I forgot to plug in was GPS Wire which I will leave for another day.

--by Musa

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