Here is my review of this Pumpkin 7 inch touchscreen android 5.1 lollipop car stereo from AutoPumpkin.


The android car stereo comes safely packaged in a retail box.


Inside the box

* 1 x 7 inch touchscreen android 5.1 double din head unit

* 1 x fascia surround

* 1 x wiring harness

* 1 x AV/phono/amplifier harness

* 1 x gps aerial

* 1 x double USB and 3.5mm line in harness

* 1 x wired mic for mounting to dashboard

* 1 x welcome card and instruction booklet


I've wanted to try one of these android car stereos for quite a while and I was pleased to be kindly offered the chance to review this one at a discount by the seller.


The head unit comes with protective film over the touchscreen to prevent scratches in transit and included in the box is pretty much all you need to fit the stereo in your vehicle except obviously the vehicle specific surround which varies widely car to car.


I wanted to swap this car stereo with one I fitted last year to my 2007 Ford Focus(a specific double din facial frame needed,I have not ordered one), a pioneer CarPlay touchscreen head unit.

I wasn't using the CarPlay function at all and decided to give the android system a go, as there's so much more you can customise and do with it.


The harness included has ISO connectors and fitted into the adapter harness that I had used with the pioneer head unit.


The harness cables all plug into the back of the android head unit in their specific ports. Apart from the fact that I had to damage the surround getting the pioneer unit out (don't ask) I plugged the android unit in and was able to get it powered up and working in no time at all.

I was pretty blown away by the functions of this stereo, built in wifi, access to the Google play store and all the associated apps, there's so much potential with these units.


I wanted to get the steering wheel controls working and theres not much info in the manual other than there's two wires, that need to be connected to a analog resistive steering wheel control unit.


I watched a video on YouTube and someone on there showed that you connect the two wires to the steering wheel adapter that I had previously purchased for the pioneer stereo, it has a small jack similar to a headphone jack and what I did was strip back the insulation on each wire about an inch and carefully wrapped them round the first and the last contacts of the jack taping them carefully with insulation tape so as to not short them out on each other. I didn't use the middle contact on the jack.


I opened up the app which allows you to assign different functions to the street if wheel controls of your car, and to my surprise the Ford Focus's steering controls worked! I could use the skip track, volume and mode buttons and you can set each button to do whatever function you like. Awesome!


So I downloaded the Spotify app and before I knew it I was downloading tracks to the head unit just like you can to your phone!


The touchscreen of the android unit is very responsive and the resolution of the screen is really very good, with good colour and crisp looking graphics.


The stereo is capable of receiving DAB signal with a module that can be purchased separately, and also a 3G dongle can be fitted so you can connect to the Internet and check emails, browse the web, virtually anything you can think of, all from the stereo.


I used my iPhone's wifi hotspot connection to get the stereo connected to the Internet, although I haven't managed to get it to auto connect when the stereo powers on.


The stereo has Bluetooth connection as well and I streamed music from my iPad and iPhone all without issue and with good sound exactly the same as the pioneer unit.


The head unit has a 4 x 50w output for the speakers and the sound quality of the unit is as good as, if not slightly better than the pioneer. The Ford Focus factory speakers are very good with a decent bass and this was all pretty much the same as the pioneer unit. I found that the door mounted speakers seemed to be working with this android unit and for some unknown reason they didn't with the pioneer unit this android one replaced.


The build quality of the stereo is very good, and the sound quality equally so.


Overall I feel I have only scratched the surface of what you can do with this unit but here are some of the pros and cons I've found so far -



* Responsive 7 inch touchscreen

* Good quality sound

* Good build quality

* Possibility of receiving DAB signal

* All the benefits of the android lollipop OS

* Access to google play store

* Built in wifi

* 3G connection with optional dongle

Reversing camera/dash camera inputs

* AV output for headrest mounted rear screens

* Bluetooth connectivity

* USB/SD playback of music and video

* GPS navigation with optional map SD card


And many more!



* Very reflective screen

* Not much info on steering wheel control setup

* Does take 25 - 30 seconds to boot from "cold"


So far I'm really impressed with the performance,sound and functions of the head unit.

I will update my review after a couple of months to see how things are going after I work out more of what's possible with the unit.


Highly recommend this stereo, a big step forward from the dated user interface on the pioneer, which was £150 more.


Thanks for reading my review.

PS:To install this universal car stereo in my 2007 Ford Focus,it needs a 2007 Ford Focus double din facial frame which I have not ordered yet.


--by Joseph


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