Pumpkin 10.1 Inch Headrest DVD Player

This 10.1 inch monitor with integrated DVD is amazing, not only can it handle cd/dvd it also allows you to play games (using the provided remote/controller). I have used it for connection of a Pumpkin Head Unit that I have in the front of the car and stream either YouTube or Kodi to the kids in the back.

One good thing about this is you can connect two monitors together to mirror the image, this way only one will need hard-wiring to the cars head unit.

I do not actually own any DVD discs (I moved on from optical media many years ago) so had to take the kids out to the good old £1 shop to find something to test and lo and behold it played flawlessly (although I do not use this feature the rest of time).

The touchscreen is good and responsive, but as it comes with a fully fledged remote there is no need to dirty up the screen with your fingerprints.

All in all this really is a must have item for those long car journeys or even (as I tend to use it) for sitting in the car while one of us parents goes shopping (my 2 kids are a nightmare while shopping!).

Great Unit - Good viewing angles (not great but good) - my kids could just about see each others screen if they were to look over.

--by Chris B.

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