Got this Pumpkin Android 5.1 Car DVD for my 2012 Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian which has a double din navigation unit fitted as standard.

I was a bit hesitant going from a well known manufacturer to one I don't know but I'm glad I did.

From the box that it was delivered in (shiny cardboard shouldn't have impressed me as much as it did) and the well protected packaging inside I was reassured that if they pack it this well they must have faith in their products.

Installation will vary from car to car and I already have a reversing camera attached to my pick up so cut and spliced wires together (is comical looking at a screen so big reversing as I'm used to a 5.5" screen).

The look of this Pumpkin Andorid unit  is typically android which I know and love, it's fast, has a good EQ system and plays MP4 video files (even on the move).

My only criticism is on a bright day (not many of them in Scotland) the screen can be difficult to see by glancing so needs to be focused on and the volume controls are on the left of the screen, not the right, only an issue if you are driving a RHD but I'm guessing these are sent all over the world so the LHD folk probably love that feature.

All in all I'm glad I bought it, great bit of kit :D

-- by Ross Campbell

Already have Spotify, Pandora, Netflix.
Its fast and really touch responsive.
The first time it takes 30 s to boot but after that its amazing fast.
Audio quality its great and Bluetooth synch is good.
You can customize everything.
It fits perfectly on my Nissan Juke 2014
I was worried because I never used this brand before,
but until now it works amazing.
Radio Reception is +/-
Wi-Fi works perfect so I always use hotspot with my cellphone.

-- by Juk

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