This Pumpkin Radio is exactly as it says on the description. It fits perfectly in a 2007 MK VW Golf GTI. The fitting instructions don't really explain anything but, in all honesty, you don't actually need them. Its literally plug in and play. The only problem I found with it is that on a standard VW radio, it has the 2 ports for the Arial but with this, there is only space for 1 of them. The radio works just fine with just that 1. Also when the car is reversing it loads up the screen for a reversing camera which I didn't get(this can be solved by disconnecting the relevant wire). It is mildly annoying but you can still hear the radio/CD/Bluetooth music. The GPS works fine, but even if you mute it the music goes quiet when you come to a junction/roundabout. I haven't figured out how to change the back light colour yet either as it shows. The settings are VERY basic in the menu. Overall I would definitely recommend this vw car radio navigation to anyone looking for something like this. Amazing value for money!!

--by Daniel

Fitted this to our Volkswagen EOS (2007) to replace the radio and add new options. We had a next delivery - arrived on time, nice packaging, super easy to set up and we were very surprise by the quality